We Welcome You to Come Enjoy Your Next Hunt With Us!
I stay connected with the land because I have been ranching all my life. I will set you up with your own hunting guide, who will help you connect with the wild and find all the right spots, so you can immerse yourself in hunt for your favorite game animal while enjoying the great South Dakota outdoors. Your private hunting guide will also share with you his love of the land and the game, and ensure you have a safe and exciting adventure to remember.

Kyle Moeller - Owner
Farmer, Rancher, Hunter, Nature Appreciator
Hi. My name is Kyle Moeller and I love to hunt. Maybe it has something to do with the great South Dakota outdoors and my love of the land. I have traversed nearly every square mile of my home acres by foot. Hunting has always been a favorite past time of mine but I do not hunt myself anymore. I stay busy farming and ranching.  I'd love to meet you and welcome you to enjoy the best South Dakota pheasant and deer hunting in the area.
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Want a different sort of adventure with your friends or family. A guided hunting trip through the countryside is an excellent experience for all ages. You will have some memorable times in the field, in the lodge, and in the country. I’ll adapt the trip program to your group’s individual needs, ages, hunting ability, etc. 
All of my tours involve some degree of walking and waiting, but if you’d like a bit more activity, I’m happy to accommodate. In addition to full day hunting trips, you can also choose a full day on an off-road atv, grab a camera and tour the countryside. Let me know what interests you and we can make it happen.  
The lodge is your home away from home. With 10 rooms and plenty of places to relax, play games, drink, and eat; you will find every part of your stay comfortably one of a kind. If you have something in mind that isn’t described on our website, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to provide the best lodging accommodations in South Dakota. I can adjust for physical limitations or time restraints, or arrange for an atv if you’re part of a larger group.  
Line up and let the shooting begin! We have the perfect spot for you to practice your aim.
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